Sunday, 19 August 2012

Heartbeats 7: Remember Voyager

Free download released August 19th 2012 (digital)

In an honour of NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft leaving our solar system, and in so doing becoming the first man made object to do so The Heartbeats Collective presents Remember Voyager, the soundtrack to a science fiction film that never was.

Download from Mediafire

01. Esq - Voyager Sheath
02. Holobeams&BrokenMachines - Deep Sky Object
03. Kid Robotik ft Orry Caren - This Is Us
04. Megamegaman - Shanty Planet Theme
05. Binary Zero - We Are Calling
06. Wolfspit - Don't Turn Metroid Aff
07. OhMega Sir - In The Time Of Tyrell
08. Baron Of Fara - Caravanserai
09. Sneaker Blue - Hydrosine Thrust

Artwork by @ohmegamega

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