Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Project. Heartbeats

Since the 30th of August 2010 Heartbeats and its collective of Glasgow based artists have been releasing compilation CDs and throwing parties for everyone willing to listen, this is their story so far.

On the 2nd of November Project. is proud to present, for one night only, the Glasgow premier of the Heartbeats documentary followed by an official after party with the collective.

Premier Screening
>Facebook Event Link<

Inn Deep
445 Great Wester Road
0141 357 1075
Free Entry
Doors: 20:00
Show: 21:00

Official After Party

Heartbeats Collective
Flat 0/1
162 Bath Street
0141 331 6227
Free Entry
Doors: 23:00

In association with Sound In Town & Synth Glasgow.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Heartbeats 7: Remember Voyager

Free download released August 19th 2012 (digital)

In an honour of NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft leaving our solar system, and in so doing becoming the first man made object to do so The Heartbeats Collective presents Remember Voyager, the soundtrack to a science fiction film that never was.

Download from Mediafire

01. Esq - Voyager Sheath
02. Holobeams&BrokenMachines - Deep Sky Object
03. Kid Robotik ft Orry Caren - This Is Us
04. Megamegaman - Shanty Planet Theme
05. Binary Zero - We Are Calling
06. Wolfspit - Don't Turn Metroid Aff
07. OhMega Sir - In The Time Of Tyrell
08. Baron Of Fara - Caravanserai
09. Sneaker Blue - Hydrosine Thrust

Artwork by @ohmegamega

Monday, 9 July 2012

Heartbeats 6: Soul To Sole

Free download released June 29th 2012 (hard copy) and July 9th 2012 (digital)

Originally released as a limited 50 pressing release for Tronic presents Heartbeats Collective at Flat 0/1 in Glasgow we are now proud to present the digital version of volume 6 of our series of electronic compilations; this is Soul To Sole. Simply put, we gave Motown Glasgow kisses.

Download from Mediafire

01. Baron Of  Fara - Mo Shmo
02. Will Da Beast - Jimmy Smack
03. Megamegaman - Could It Be
04. The Detroit Emeralds - Feel The Need In Me (Esq's Rusty Trombone Re-Rub)
05. Dirty Basement - Can You Handle...
06. Binary Zero - Heat Rave

Front and back artwork by the uber-talented Ken Da Koalah

Exclusive blog bonus content: check out Megamegaman's Motown sampling Heartbeats hiphop anthem, from his Style To Burn EP also available for free.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Heartbeats 5: Kelvingrove Riot

Free download released October 21st 2011

Back with a bang, the Heartbeats Collective proudly presents volume 5: Kelvingrove Riot, which we believe to be one of our finest releases to date. It's our gift to you, so grab it while it's hot. We've got some very impressive debuts from the likes of Holobeams&BrokenMachines and Integra TV as well as some exclusive new material from members that have featured on every album so far, we hope you enjoy it.

Download from Mediafire
Alt. Download from zSHARE
Alt. Download from Binary Zero/Bandcamp

01. Baron Of Fara - De Lekkerste
02. Pasty 32 - 420 AM
03. Integra TV -Topsy-Turvy
04. Slow It Down - We'll Make It (Mastered extended version)
05. Holobeams&BrokenMachines - Buckie Nightmares (Riot Flashbacks)
06. Kabur - RELAPSE
07. Esq - Schnaz
08. Will Da Beast - Bear Hug
09. Megamegaman - Blaze This
10. Kid Robotik - grlzbkdup
11. Binary Zero - The Story Of Bernard Bernard
12. Megami - Quiet Riot

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Heartbeats 4: Hey Arnold

Free download released June 1st 2011

Heartbeats 4: Hey Arnold; this time we've taken inspiration from Mr Universe and made an album in his (dis)honour.
As always it's a free download so enjoy it guilt free and spread the love. Special thanks goes out to all the artists involved for their hard work and Euan Mckenzie for the fantastic artwork. Thanks is also due to all our affiliated blogs, our Facebook fans and the Heartbeats WAGs.

Download links:
Mirror 1 Mediafire
Mirror 2 Archive.org

01. Ohmega Sir - The 6th Day
02. Pasty 32 - Raw Deal
03. Esq - True Lies
04. Aymard - Total Recall
05. Barrientos - Red Heat
06. Digital Stitch - Eraser
07. Dirty Basement - Kindergarden Cop
08. Megami - End Of Days
09. Binary Zero - Rise Of The Machines
10. Kid Robotik - Stay Hungry
11. Megamegaman - Cactus Jack
12. Integra TV - Junior
13. ARM WTCHS FNGRS - Running Man

If you would like to provide another mirror please let us know.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Heartbeats 3: Beastiality

Free download released March 2011

Heartbeats 3: Beastiality; welcome to our ark, where the animals go by 4 to floor.
This is our biggest and best compilation to date, and you get to download it all right here for free. Many thanks to all the artists and everyone that helped us out along the way, stay tuned for volume 4.

Download links:
Mirror 1 Zshare
Mirror 2 Hotfile
Mirror 3 Monograph Records

01. Megami - Komodo Dragon
02. Kvetch - The Sloth
03. Peace - Honey Bee
04. Barrientos - Frog (El Sapo)
05. Dirty Basement - Ferret
06. Bodymilk - Dolphin
07. Megamegaman - Horse
08. Kid Robotik - Jellyfish
09. Ohmega Sir - LION
10. B.Tone - RAT
11. Kabur - Orca
12. Binary Zero - The Snake
13. Esq - Elephant
14. Rob Etherson - Snail Speed

If you can provide another mirror please let us know.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Heartbeats 2: Change Your Tune

Free download released December 2010.

Heartbeats: Change Your Tune; the second compilation from the Heartbeats Collective, this time we're dropping remixes.

Mirror 1 Zshare
Mirror 2 courtesy of Monograph records


I. Peace - Sleeper (Barrientos Progressive Remix)
II. Dirty Basement - Funkyass Boom Bap (B.Tone Simplified Mix)
III. Barrientos - Breathe (Rob Etherson's Suffocating Remix)
IV. Megamegaman ft EL Mondo - Tywyllfyd (Mia Dora Remix)
V. Rob Etherson - Frenchy MaMal (Esq Remix)
VI. Kabur - Actualise (Kid Robotik Heart Attack Remix)
VII. MAUSR - Arcane Markings (Megamegaman Remix)
VIII. Esq - Little Shark (MAUSR Remix)
IX. Mia Dora - Snatch You From The Woods (Kabur Dark Woods Remix)
X. Barrientos - Santiago (Esq Remix)
XI. Kabur - Caustic (Megamegaman Redux)
XII. Kid Robotik - Buckets (Dirty Basement Remix)
XIII. Sly & Stallone - Fame and Fortune (Ohmegasir Remix)

Compiled by The Heartbeats Collective.facebook.soundcloud