Thursday, 9 December 2010

Heartbeats 2: Change Your Tune

Free download released December 2010.

Heartbeats: Change Your Tune; the second compilation from the Heartbeats Collective, this time we're dropping remixes.

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Mirror 2 courtesy of Monograph records


I. Peace - Sleeper (Barrientos Progressive Remix)
II. Dirty Basement - Funkyass Boom Bap (B.Tone Simplified Mix)
III. Barrientos - Breathe (Rob Etherson's Suffocating Remix)
IV. Megamegaman ft EL Mondo - Tywyllfyd (Mia Dora Remix)
V. Rob Etherson - Frenchy MaMal (Esq Remix)
VI. Kabur - Actualise (Kid Robotik Heart Attack Remix)
VII. MAUSR - Arcane Markings (Megamegaman Remix)
VIII. Esq - Little Shark (MAUSR Remix)
IX. Mia Dora - Snatch You From The Woods (Kabur Dark Woods Remix)
X. Barrientos - Santiago (Esq Remix)
XI. Kabur - Caustic (Megamegaman Redux)
XII. Kid Robotik - Buckets (Dirty Basement Remix)
XIII. Sly & Stallone - Fame and Fortune (Ohmegasir Remix)

Compiled by The Heartbeats Collective.facebook.soundcloud

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